Blogmas day 7 – Christmas Traditions

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Now we have a little one, it really makes Christmas so much more special, and we have started a few special traditions & fun outings I thought I would share!


  1. A visit to Santa – A must do, we’ve been to Stewarts garden center for 2 years now, I absolutely love it there as they have real reindeer & a winter wonderland walkway! Would recommend, but to book early as its popular!

2) We love putting together a gingerbread house or it has also been a rocky road house before. It takes an hour to put together and decorate, and about 5 minutes to eat it! Worth it 😉

3) Going to see the Christmas lights, there is a road near us where they light up the entire street, we have started going on the 1st of December every year, to get us in the festive spirit!

4) writing a letter to Santa and putting out mince pies and carrots. Jacob absolutely loves doing this, and his face in the morning when he sees Santa has been & eaten up his treats.

5) Lastly, one of my favourite things we do, a Christmas eve box with J. We like to put in a pair of new pj’s to wear that night, a Christmas book, a Christmas film and some yummy snacks to eat. I’m looking forward to building this years christmas eve box, and I can’t wait to share with you whats in it this year.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and catch you tomorrow for another day of blogmas!


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