Blogmas Day 4 – Snowman Biscuits

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I always have a fun image of what Baking with children looks like, both in aprons, helping each other measure out flour and then at the end you have these beautiful pinterest worthy cakes, except it never seems to go that way (well with us anyway)! Jacob usually gets bored, or walks out when the electric whisk is on as its too loud, and the cakes usually end up burnt. Mary Berry I am not!

So, when I was browsing pinterest for fun Christmas things to do with a 4 year old, and came across these cute snowman biscuits, so thought I’d give them ago too!

They are so easy, and can guarantee that these won’t cause any arguments (i hope!)

Now i used rich tea biscuits, but you can use any biscuit you like, or be brave and make your own! Make up some icing and spoon a bit on, with a marshmallow & then ice on a little scarf, buttons, arms, and a face.

I actually find some edible cake pens at sainsburys, and found them so easy, so would definitely recommend finding them!

So a nice and easy treat to make, and they taste amazing! Perfect Christmas snack for the kiddies to make!


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