Blogmas day 3 – Decorating for Christmas

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Happy blogmas day 3! I am feeling ultra festive today, as yesterday we spent the day decorating the house ready for Christmas! We also went and bought a few outdoor lights which we haven’t put up yet, but very excited to see them!

I love seeing how people decorate their houses for christmas, and getting inspiration from pinterest, so I thought I’d show you a sneak peak of how we have decorated. I’m not 100% finished yet as i want to string some lights around the windows and hallways, but I thought i’d share what we have done so far.

Christmas this year is very exciting as its our first Christmas in this home, and I am LOVING it!

So let start with the lounge, where our main tree is!

I really wanted to have a proper theme this year, and I’ve got with blues, creams and bronzes, and I am so happy with how it turned out. (Although I will admit we had colour lights on the tree first, and I wasn’t happy with how it looked, so went out and bought white lights! ha ha commitment to the theme!)

How cute is Olaf, one my in laws brought back from their recent trip to Disney.

Now these lights were crazy long, so Pete decided to just wrap it around our bookcase and letter board until it finished, and I love it, like our own little grotto!

This wooden snowman is so cute, I bought him last year from the range, but believe they have it again in stores this year!

And how is Christmas complete without a big bowl of choccies. Although ours our running light already and its only the third. 

A new purchase for this year are these beautiful stockings from matalan. I love that they are personalized, and think them hanging from their staircase looks lovely.

Next we let Jacob pick our tree for his room, browsing in b & q yesterday, we came across green, white and pink 3 ft trees for £2 each! Madness! J picked a bright pink one which i absolutely love, and we let him decorate it how he liked, with some old baubles that we used last year, and instead of a star he choose his favourite hat to go on the top. He makes me laugh so much!

And then lastly we have a small 4 ft tree in our bedroom, which I’ve decorated with Green & Bronze decorations!

My favourite being this bauble from Sainsburys.

I hope you liked this snippet of how we’ve decorated for Christmas! <3


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