Blogmas 2 – All the Christmas Lights

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Last night we decided to go and continue our yearly tradition. There is a road near to where we live where they light up the whole road, and have tons of lights, and musical bits.

Its the start of Christmas for us, and gets us feeling all festive. Jacob absolutely loves it, and one of the houses not only does the front garden, but their driveway too, so you can walk all the way down.

I thought I would do a bit of a picture heavy post, so I hope you enjoy the pictures and I’m sure you’ll be feeling very festive by the end (if you’re not already that is!)

Do you have any Christmas traditions that you like to do? and how amazing do these houses look? They put in so much effort, and it’s so amazing. They also have donation boxes scattered around for chosen charities. This is Byron road in New Milton, if you’re local and fancy taking a look for yourself!


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