‘Blogger Friends’

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This post is heavily dedicated to my ‘blogging bezzie’ Harrison as well as all the other lovelies I have to come to know and love. First off, lets just put this out there that today is the last day Harrison will be in the UK for a while, he is moving to New Zealand to start his next chapter – and that is what has influenced this post – that and he asked me to write one about him 😉 hahaha.

If you would have told me last year that blogging would bring some of my closest friends, I probably wouldn’t have believed it – I’m incredibly shy when meeting new people, and honestly it’s something I try to avoid as much as I can. But being part of the blogging community and Bournemouth Bloggers has made me feel so much more comfortable, and I love how many amazing people I’ve met through this that have the same passion that I do.

The term ‘Blogging friends’ isn’t saying I keep them separate from the rest of my life, they are my friends that get the blogging scene, get the photos, the social medias, the scheduling of posts and everything that comes with it. Not only do I enjoy seeing them at events, I now seek them out socially too, and that makes me so happy!

So I think it’s only fair Harrison gets a section in this, as he has become one of my best friends. I have never clicked with somebody so quickly and become so close. We met properly in April, and it blows my mind how big a part of my life he now is and how many amazing and hilarious memories we have together. Saying goodbye to him felt very bittersweet – I am SO excited for him and what he has to come, but so sad we had to say goodbye, and I wont see him every week.

Aside from Harrison, I’ve become very good friends with these beauts. Emma, Emma, Louise & Ciara. They are all so supportive and the best girls to go out and get some drinks and have a laugh with! I love these ones so much, and am so lucky that blogging has brought us all together!

There are so many other inspiring incredible girls I’ve met, and have loved getting to know. It’s been so brilliant being in the Bournemouth Bloggers network where we all support and help each other out.

Blogging can get a bad reputation with it being competitive, bitchy and people can be entitled and sure people can be (but I believe that in any business some people will be) but Blogging can also bring you the most genuine, kind, caring, supportive (I know I’ve used this word a lot, but i feel like its needs emphasising as its so true!), hard working brilliant people!

I know this isn’t an autumnal post for blogtober, but felt that these gorgeous lot deserved a little appreciation post!

See you tomorrow for another post! x



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