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I enjoy a glass of wine or two, but when it comes to knowing what I’m drinking I don’t have a clue. I would usually pick a bottle in Tesco that looks nice and is on offer. So when my dad asked if we would like to do a wine tasting with him we jumped at the chance to find out a bit about wine and see what we enjoyed.

So first let me talk about my dad, Tony. He has always loved drinking wine but like a lot of us didn’t know too much about it, my sister one year bought him a wine tasting experience for his birthday, and that’s where the love of wine really started. He loved the tasting so much he himself enrolled on course after course building up knowledge and passion about wine, eventually taking exams with the wine and spirit education trust, and now Tony hosts his own wine tastings in the comfort of your own home.

So, Pete & I gathered 10 of our close friends into our lounge not really knowing what to expect. Tony came round with glasses for everyone and 6 different wines to try, two red, two white and two sparkling. (This can be tailored to what you prefer as there are several different packages to choose from.)

Tony started with a little bit about how wine is made & where certain wine comes from. We were given tasting glasses to try the different wines and go through each one with what we thought we could smell and taste.

Tony brought so much knowledge to the tasting and delivered it in such an informative but enjoyable way without us feeling overwhelmed with information. We found it very interesting and I now have a better knowledge of what wines I like as well as a good food pairing for them.

I couldn’t recommend Tony’s business enough, we had such a fun night learning lots whilst still being able to drink wine with our friends.

To host a wine tasting you can go over to his Facebook page where all his contact details are plus the different tasting nights to choose from.

This would be a great idea for a birthday, a hen do or even a Saturday night with your friends, & I know we will definitely be booking a cheese and wine night very soon.



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