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Valentines day is now one week away, and although we don’t particularly celebrate it (other than getting some nice food in for dinner.) I thought I would try creating a Valentines look. Basically lots of pink!

I barely ever wear pink or much colour on my eyes, however I own such a beautiful palette from Makeup Revolution, I thought why not.

I used my trusty favourite foundation Rimmel match perfect in the lightest shade and some collection concealer. When i use colour on my eyes i tend to not use blush, so instead just went in with an old mac mineralise skin finish bronzer to warm up my skin tone.

I then used two makeup revolution palettes. The first being Midnight unicorn. This is such a gorgeous eye palette, full of bright and sparkly colours, I actually bought this for halloween  and I’ll be honest haven’t used it a whole lot since, but will definitely reach for it more and experiment!

For every makeup look I do, I ALWAYS reach for my other revolution palette called golden sugar 2 rose gold. This is quite literally the most beautiful highlighter palette I have ever owned, and as you can see it is incredibly well loved, as I’ve hit pan on quite a few of them. Plus it has two beautiful matte bronzers too.

To finish my look off, I did some winged liner and mascara, and finished off with my favourite Mac lipstick ‘hue’.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little insight into my makeup collection, and a few of my favourite products that I’m loving.


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Happy 2018! I know I’m a little late to the party and its nearly February, but I’ve rather enjoyed having some time getting back into the swing of things.

We had a good new year, with a few close friends & some drinks. I have started doing weekly vlogs again on my YouTube, and juggling my time with work & J, his school & family life. I think I’ve adjusted to normality again, hense my first blog post of the year.

I’ve decided instead of resolutions to have goals for the year, (that way there’s a lot less pressure, but still a goal in mind.) I thought I would share a few of them with you, and would love to know if you’ve made any goals for yourself this year?


  1. Getting rid of toxicity.  This is a fairly big personal goal, and one that I found towards the end of last year was desperately needed. Having Toxic people in your life can cause such negativity, & I found it was weighing me down, and I was getting upset and stressed over things that shouldn’t have come into my life. I’m trying and would like to continue to surround my self with positive people, and stay a little further away from those that I know bring negativity into anything & everything.
  2. Being more in the now. I’m very aware that I always have my phone on me, not necessarily to call or chat to people, but to scroll through every social, take pictures, upload them straight away. Today, I went out and took photos on my phone, but then popped it away and edited/uploaded when I got home. Such a simple thing, but you can end up living through your screen instead.
  3. Be more social & make more effort. I think especially with the fact its winter, it gets dark early, and the only thing I fancy doing is popping my pjs on and binging friends episodes on netflix, its very easy to get caught up in your own little bubble, and days/weeks go by without making an effort with friends/going out. I know I am so guilty of this, it doesn’t mean I don’t love them, and still whatsapp them. But to send a text and see if they fancy a drink after work, or arrange a cinema date. In fact I’m going for drinks with my bestest on Tuesday & I can’t wait!
  4. Grow my hobby. I absolutely love blogging, I love filming and editing videos, and I absolutely love social media. I would love to see my platforms grow this year, even by a little. To do that, I want to be more on it with planning, writing schedules for posts, so I don’t feel out of inspiration.
  5. Fight the mum tum – Now this is the fairly obvious one, most people find January a inspiring month to diet and get fit, I don’t want to say I want to lose this much and put pressure on myself, Instead I just want to be healthier, add in some exercise when I have the time, and not beat myself up if I want a creme egg (& lets be honest who doesn’t want a creme egg!?)

I have a positive outlook on this year, last year was quite a sad year (If you’ve read my look back on 2017 you’ll understand why!) but I feel more in control, and I’m ready to make this a year of being happy, laughing with my family, and making some incredible memories.


Here’s to 2018 x


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Last week I was invited along to a festive afternoon tea at the level 8ight bar in the Hilton in Bournemouth, for a Christmas meet up with Bournemouth Bloggers. I couldn’t wait to see some lovely local blogging girls again, eat lots of cake and have a look at the sky bar.

The Hilton is a fairly new addition to Bournemouth, and I’d heard lots of good things about their level 8ight sky bar, So couldn’t wait to try it for myself.

I arrived at 4pm and found a few of the girls including Emma,who runs Bournemouth Bloggers, and we were quickly offered a glass of Prosecco whilst we waited for the rest of our group.

Can I just say the interiors were beautiful, we were sat in a gorgeous velvet booth with a twinkling Christmas tree to the side of us. The bar was huge with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling & in front of us was a balcony where you can watch the sun go down with a drink. Perfect!

Thank you to Brogan & Emma for this photo!

Not being a tea drinker I stuck with a soft drink, however English Breakfast tea and Jasmine Tea were brought out for everyone, and not far behind were three towers of treats!

How amazing does this look!? Almost too good to eat…I did say almost! After Lots of photos, one of the members of staff brought the festive to the afternoon tea by shaking icing sugar over the cakes to create the snowy look.

There was something for everyone here, with 4 choices of sandwiches, my favourite being the turkey and cranberry sandwich. Yum.

There were of course scones, plain and cranberry which were served with Dorset clotted cream and strawberry jam, or lemon curd.

On the same tier as the scones were the apple and raisin tarts, which I think were a favourite among most, and the apple rose on top was stunning!

And then lastly but most definitely not least was the top layer of more sweet treats! Chocolate orange domes which were delicious, and my favourite the blue and pink pastel meringues with cream and fresh fruit. Absolutely gorgeous, and the presentation was perfect.

The staff were attentive, the food was delicious and of course the company was wonderful! I think this afternoon tea would be perfect for a present, or just an afternoon out, and I think priced very well at £18 each & £5 extra for the prosecco.

The festive afternoon tea is available until the new year, where they will be starting a different afternoon tea in January.

Thank you again to Emma for organising, and for the Hilton for having us, I’m looking forward to heading back in the new year with my husband.



*We were very kindly provided with a complimentary afternoon tea, however all thoughts and opinions are my own!


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Can you believe how close we are to Christmas!? I can barely control my excitement and I am loving all the Christmas parties and get-togethers that happen in December.

We are also hosting a small mulled wine & mince pie afternoon at ours next weekend which my 5 year old, Jacob will also be attending, so I love finding party clothes for him to dress up in for special occasions.

I think I have found him the perfect outfit for it, he looks smart and cool, and great for any Christmas occasion like a school disco, Christmas party or even Christmas day!

He’s wearing black skinny jeans from Primark – A staple and they are very comfortable so he can still run and jump around as he pleases.

Paired with these cute little high tops I found in sports direct over the summer!

And then this gorgeous shirt from a brand called La Coqueta.

I love the colors, and the style with the buttons and collar. Jacob still struggles with doing buttons up, so this is a great alternative as you only need to undo a couple of buttons and it fits over his head easily.

I know I’m biased but i think he looks absolutely gorgeous, and ready for a party!

You can find this shirt here along with some other gorgeous boys shirts. – La Coqueta Boys Shirts


Thank you to La Coqueta for gifting Jacob this beautiful shirt!


*The shirt in this post has been gifted, however all thoughts & opinions are all my own.


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I am feeling INCREDIBLY festive now! but I thought I would share a few ideas to get you in the mood if you’re not already!

  1. Go down to your local Christmas market! ( Mine is Bournemouth, and we’re planning to go down next weekend. There’s an ice rink, loads of cute pop up shops and so much food! I’ve also seen some pictures of what looks like the best hot chocolate! Can’t wait!
  2. Such a simple one, but put on some Christmas music, I usually put my playlist on when I’m             driving, it makes me so happy! Especially ‘driving home for Christmas’
  3. Put your decorations up! I absolutely LOVE coming home from work, and switching the Christmas tree lights on. It makes me feel like I’m in my own little winter wonderland!
  4. Christmas Movie night! Pj’s, hot chocs, snack and a christmas film! Perfect evening in.
  5. If you’ve got kids, go and see Father Christmas! My little ones face lit up when we saw the reindeer, he was very shy meeting Santa, but after he’d come out he said how much fun it was!
  6. Go out with your friends for drinks or dinner! Theres nearly always a festive menu, & what better excuse than to catch up with friends & sip on christmas cocktails!
  7. Secret Santa – This ties in with the one above! Arrange it with your friends, and instead of stressing and trying to find pressies for everyone, you have one person to look for and give it thought! Plus then you have an excuse for going round all the Christmas shops!
  8. Throw a Christmas Party – doesn’t have to big, it could just be a couple of your close friends! I love Christmas & throwing parties so it goes hand in hand for me. we’re throwing a mince pie and mulled wine gathering (Note the word gathering & not party 😉 ) I’m already pinteresting how to make mulled wine and beautiful cheese boards!

I hope this will help to inject a little festive into your life!

When do you start feeling Christmassy is it the first when you open your advent calendar? or not until Christmas eve?