Alphabet dating – C is for …

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Hello & welcome to another alphabet dating instalment. If you have no idea what I’m talking about – my husband and I (and sometimes my son J) are showing how to spice up date night or date day if you prefer to include the little ones! You can (I know we do) get stuck in a rut, go the same restaurant and cinema, or watch the same shows on Netflix, so we’re here to take the thinking out of it and give you some fun new ideas that may not spring to mind straight away. Alphabet dating involves 26 dates going through the alphabet and you can read my first two posts here and here to give you an idea of what’s to come.

So let’s go – C is for … Cocktail Masterclass *

Being huge cocktail lovers this one seemed like a perfect choice for us. After visiting the new slug and lettuce in Bournemouth for our afternoon tea in my A date post, we headed back again! We arrived to greet our bartender for the afternoon Tom, he showed us to our booth which was readily set up for our class.

As I was driving I asked if I could do mocktails instead and Pete make the booze filled ones. I love mocktails anyway and didn’t feel left out at all as they were SO delicious!

Our afternoon consisted of making two drinks each. We started out making the first together – Mojitos! (Mine being a virgin apple mojito.) Tom Walked us through each step making his own at the same time. I love a mojito but can find them a hit or miss dependant on where you have them. I don’t like soda, so it rules a lot out for me & some are way too minty and that’s all you can taste, however this mojito was not the case, and bold statement but was the best I’ve ever tried (I had a little try of Pete’s and it was AMAZING!)

We muddled the lime and syrup together to make our own sweet and sour and then added the mint – muddling it again. Tom also recommended to Pete to have his with ginger beer, something neither of us would have ever considered doing, but it was surprisingly good! Definitely order a mojito next time you go to a slug and lettuce!

The next two drinks we made separately so I could take some pictures – Pete was up first making a cosmopolitan which he’d never had before. Again, I’ve had some great ones in the past but equally some that are so potent you can’t distinguish the flavours.

This one however was sweet from the triple sec and went down very easily. Tom also showed a way to garnish the drink, usually with an orange peel, however he showed us a more flamboyant trick involving lighting the orange peel. Orange oils are flammable, which gives you the best citrus smell. I could smell it without holding the glass.

Next up for my final drink – a virgin pornstar. A pornstar martini has fast become my go to cocktail to order. It’s sweet, delicious and very easy to drink! So I was obviously delighted with this.

Tom also recommended I add a little caramel syrup in and this could definitely be a new obsession! As you can see I didn’t shake mine as much as I probably should have as there’s not much foam on top, but it still tasted great.

Now if you book a Cocktail masterclass you’ll get to make 2 drinks from their package menu, a drink on arrival and you can finish with a bomb rally (skittle, glitter or jäger) as well as getting a buffet to share with your friends!

We decided on their chicken feast sharer and oh wow what a spread!

Bbq Chicken sliders with onion rings, garlic bread, chicken wings, fries, southern fried chicken goujons and chicken and chorizo bites. Everything tasted unreal, especially the chicken and chorizo bites! Oh my god!

We had such a brilliant afternoon, it was so lovely chatting away with Tom and learning more about the cocktails we were making! A definite must for a group date – I believe the minimum masterclass is for 6 people – so why not make it a triple date or just go with your friends for a fun Friday night. (we’re definitely booking back in with our friends next time as we had so much fun!)

*a HUGE thank you to Slug and lettuce for having us back and providing us with another alphabet date. This experience was gifted to us for the purpose of this post and review. All thoughts and opinions are my own as always!

As with every alphabet date post I do I also like to give you a few more suggestions to throw into the mix so …

A few more ‘C’ date suggestions

  • Cooking class
  • Circus
  • Cider tasting
  • Camping
  • Comedy club
  • Crabbing
  • Canoeing
  • Couples massage
  • Chocolate making
  • Clay pigeon shooting
  • Casino

I hope you enjoyed this post – and stay tuned for Alphabet Dating – ‘D’ is for …

See you soon! XO


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