About Me

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Hello! I’m Liz! My middle name is Lucy, hense my blog name. I am 26 years old and live on the south coast of England in a town called Highcliffe. I live with my husband Pete and our 6 year old Jacob, plus our pet maltipoo pup Luna and our two African pygmy hedgehogs Penny & Pixie.

I write all things beauty, lifestyle, parenting and of course food being the huge foodie I am. As well as writing, I film weekly vlogs (albeit not quite every week any more) over on my youtube channel, documenting the adventures we get up to and our day to day life.

If you have any questions, business enquiries or would just like a chat my email is elizabethcarey92@yahoo.co.uk

I hope you enjoy scrolling through my blog, and if you fancy popping over to my Youtube channel you can see my weekly vlogs.