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Hello Internet,

I’m Liz – If you’ve found my little space here then you’ll know i’m a keen novice writer and photographer. It’s not something that pays the bills, but instead makes me happy and that’s exactly why I do it.

So here’s 5 things you probably don’t know about me…

  1. Halloween is my absolute favourite holiday! We go all out every year and have a huge party. Pass me the pumpkins & the ghouls any day of the week.
  2. My husband is VERY allergic to animals – so we are a household of hypoallergenic pets. 1 Maltipoo doggy named Luna, and 2 African pygmy hedgehogs; Pixie & Penny!
  3. I am about to become a mamma of TWO BOYS! Truly terrifying to be so outnumbered, but i cannot wait to meet our next bundle of joy in January 2020. My Other son Jacob is 6 years old and is absolutely hilarious.
  4. My ideal date night (with my husband obviously) would be to drink copious amounts of delicious fruity cocktails and watch an immense ocean documentary!
  5. Speaking of the Ocean, I am OBSESSED and forever have plans to write a book about whats down there – but am equally sh*t scared of the sea. Probably all those documentaries I watch. Haha!
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If you’re not totally put off by my rambling…

Then please feel free to have a little look at my posts. I write all things Food, family life, food, makeup, food, adventures, food, lifestyle ooh and food! (Wait did I say that already?!) Plus any excuse to pop some pictures up that I’ve taken and feel proud of.

If reading isn’t really your thing, I also occasionally document our life with my camera too. So I hope you enjoy mooching my corner of the internet and don’t forget to subscribe! x

If you are a company and would like to get in touch about working together then please send me over an email at elizabethcarey92@yahoo.co.uk