A new decade…

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And just like that another year is almost over, and we reach 2020 tomorrow – a brand new decade, i thought it would be interesting to reflect on the last 10 years. Get ready for a very picture heavy post.

I wandered into 2010 – a naive 17 year old battling with depression & social anxiety following 2 years of having a chronic illness. However it was a turning point for me, I met a lot of new friends – I fell in love for the first time, I learnt to drive & turned 18. My depression definitely lifted but anxiety demons were very much there and bubbling at the surface!

2011, I turned 19 – my best friend turned 18, so a lot of this year was spent drinking, going to house parties, beach fires until 4am and wearing some very questionable fancy dress costumes. I started a college course for beauty therapy and makeup and managed to gain a qualification out of it by 2013. The second half of the year I had my first heartbreak and I completely lost myself. I didn’t recognise the person I had become, and left 2011 feeling bitter and not the best version of me.

2012 without being dramatic changed my entire life – I became a mama! Something that wasn’t on my near future bucket list but something that we embraced and something I am so glad happened. I gave birth December 2012 and Jacob is by far the best thing to ever happen to us, I was/am classed as a young mum as I’m now 27 with a 7 year old and I had to grow up Very quickly but how worth it he is! Pete and I moved twice this year to our first flat and then again a month before J’s arrival to something a little nicer.

2013 & 2014 are a bit of a blur of parenting, we learnt so much about ourselves, each other and with a newborn. We had J christened, and at the end of 2013 our lives changed again and Pete proposed (I of course said yes!)

2015 – we got married! One of the best days of my life! Our relationship once again grew, and after rocky beginnings in 2012 we had found ourselves closer and happier than ever!

2016 – at this point we had moved closer to Pete’s work in town, it was bigger – Jacob had started preschool, and I had some time to myself again to figure out what I wanted to do outside of being mum. Something I’ve always loved is makeup and tried to become a little more out of the box to see if it was something I wanted to venture into (spoiler, I love makeup and would love to get into special effects makeup or stage makeup at some point in my life but now is definitely not the time.)

2017 was the year we became homeowners, we moved out of town and closer to our parents and the school we wanted J to start in later that year (and moving was by far the best decision we made.) Then it all went a little pear shaped, I suffered my first miscarriage after deciding we were ready to grow our family, it happened all very quickly finding out and losing but the shock hit me hard. It was also the year I quit my night shift job after getting involved in a car accident and moved over to our family business. As I say highs and lows, but we also bought our first pets (2 African pygmy hedgehogs – Penny & Pixie!) and as I mentioned above my little 4 nearly 5 year old started school!

2018 another year of tremendous lows and highs – we suffered our 2nd miscarriage and my anxiety sky rocketed. I became consumed by why my body kept failing us, and struggled with insecurities and worries I could never carry a healthy baby again. (which if you know me or have read recent posts you’ll know thankfully this worry didn’t become true!) as a i say a very hard year, but also one with plenty of opportunities – I had been writing a personal blog since 2010 and decided to take it a little more seriously this year and joined a network called Bournemouth Bloggers, I met a new circle of friends which did wonders for distractions and was able to do some amazing things like take my family to our first festival! We also ended the year with the best present and bought ourselves a puppy! Luna the most gorgeous and caring Maltese x poodle!

That brings us finally to this year! And what a bloody year its been after a few roller-coaster ones. We finally got our wish and as I’m writing this I’m 2 weeks away from giving birth to our next baby boy. I got more settled in my job at our family business, offered a new role in digital marketing and am currently studying alongside it to gain a post masters degree. So I think its fair to say 2019 has been the best one in a while.

I think it’s fair to say it’s been a rocky start to the decade, I was young, didn’t know what I was doing, who I was and what i wanted to do and spent a lot of that time getting getting drunk and going out out. Jacob and Pete completely changed my life for the better. I am so very lucky to be able to say I found my soul mate so young and we’re in our late twenties and very much settled. What have I learnt – my god so much! If I could go back and have a word with my younger self I would! I’d tell her to stop being such an idiot, don’t take on the dramas, and when you’re sad do not drink, it will bite you on the arse!

I cannot wait to go into the next decade as a family of four and see all the new adventures unfold. My hopes for the next decade – kick anxiety out forever, move house, pass my qualifications with a distinction (that’s the goal!) and enjoy every moment that life brings our way!

I hope you have a wonderful night tonight however you choose to celebrate it! Ours will be with a film and takeaway – so rock and roll now a days! And I’ll speak to you in the new year! Lots of love xxx


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