A few things being a mum has taught me.

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It honestly feels like yesterday i was in hospital with my tiny new born and now i have this huge four year old. Time flies so quickly when you have kids, & you have to cherish every single day.

I’ve learnt so many things from being a mum, i remember having a cry in the hospital with J when he was 2 hours old, i was all alone as Pete had been told to go home for the night and I had no clue how to change a nappy or how to breastfeed and the sudden realisation of having this tiny human was so daunting to me!

I never did get the breastfeeding right but I’m a pro at changing a poo-ey nappy, if i do say so myself.  You don’t have a baby and suddenly have all the knowledge about how to be the best parent, you learn it along the way.

The amount of love i felt for J and still feel is so overwhelming! I never knew i could love someone so much. I can’t imagine not having him now, and don’t remember what life was like before him!

Not every child is the same! Something i am still learning, Jacob has a speech delay, he can talk but picks it up a lot slower and can’t pronounce letters like F and L, we have speech therapy for him to help him along the way and i see him constantly improving. Its so easy to look at another 4 year old and see how well they’re speaking and learning new words, but each child is different, and pick things up at different speeds. He will get there eventually.

Time goes SO quick! He changes every day, grows a little bit taller, learns new things and becomes more independent! I take thousands of pictures so i can remember him at every single stage as he keeps changing so quickly. He will be at big school before i know it! 4 months to go!

J has made me a better version of myself, he makes me happy and one smile from him can change my whole day.  I feel very lucky to have such a funny, loving and caring little boy!

I thought i would share a few of my favourite snaps with you.

I hope you enjoyed a more personal insight into my mind. and enjoyed the throwback pictures!


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