10 things I love most about Autumn.

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Happy 1st of October – and happy 1st day of Blogtober,  and If you have no clue what blogtober is –  well there will be a new post up everyday of October. Why? 1) Because I’ve set myself a challenge that I’d love to complete. I attempted Blogmas last year and didn’t managed to finish it. Well this year I’m attempting Blogtober and if all goes well you may see Blogmas too! 2) I LOVE October! I love it so much, and I suppose this is what my first post is all about. My Most favourite things about Autumn and October!


  1. I’m a huge lover of the colder weather (please don’t boo and hiss at me!) I enjoy the sun, BUT nothing beats the chill in the air so I can wrap up warm. Or Cuddling up on the sofa with blankets with Harry Potter on the TV whilst the rain hits the windows. PERFECTION!
  2. This is definitely one of the main reasons – Halloween! I am obsessed. I don’t know why because i HATE being scared. I can’t watch scary films, or if I do I can’t sleep for a week. But I LOVE Halloween. We have a party every yer and we go all out.
  3. The Food. Obviously this is a reason – Food is the answer to most questions in my book, but once the weather gets cooler the more I cook comfort food. I love a good cottage pie or sausage and mash. Simple but Delish!
  4. Autumnal Walks – Now we have Luna (She’s the most gorgeous pup, which we brought home with us on 1st of September.) It gives us more of an excuse to get out. Walking in the mornings with the air crisp and the sound of the leaves crunching as you walk will never get old.
  5. In my opinion everywhere gets prettier, the leaves turn golden and where we live the sun sets over the sea in the autumn/winter months which makes for the most beautiful sunsets.
  6. Candles – I love candles all year round, don’t get me wrong. But Autumn candles – Hello! Toasted Marshmallow, cinnamon, hot apple cider, gingerbread, pumpkin- just to name a few. I already have my gingerbread candle back out in the lounge, and cannot wait to go mooch around homesense as they always have amazing candles!
  7. It’s probably to do with the fact I love the colder weather a lot more, but there is nothing better than chunky knits, knee high boots, big scarfs, cute bobble hats. I have already bought my boots and jumpers out and wearing them for the school run feeling so snug!
  8. Pumpkin Picking – One of my favourite autumnal activities and you can bet you’ll another post dedicated to this soon. I love going to Sopley farm, which is our local. You take a wheelbarrow down and we find the biggest pumpkins we can and some cute small ones to go in front of the front door. 
  9. Cosy nights in. As the nights draw in earlier, I feel no shame in getting into my pj’s, lighting some candles, popping the fairy lights on and chilling. Perfect night, made more perfect by a chinese takeaway perhaps.
  10. Bonfire Night – Is bonfire night still classed as Autumn or is that in the winter category? Either way, sparklers, firework displays, roasting marshmallows, drinking hot chocolate! Count me in any day!

And there we have it – my ten fave things about Autumn. Get ready for another 30 days of autumnal/halloween related content! I for one can’t wait!

See you tomorrow! x


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